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For Advisors

Whether you're an IAR looking for a new home or an RIA that wants to outsource as much as you can, Wealthspan may be just what you're looking for.  We try to remove every non-client-facing activity for you to free up your time, so you make more money or take more time off.

How We Serve Advisors

Custom Risk-Managed Models &
No Proprietary Products

In order to stand out from the crowd of Modern Portfolio Theory advisors, you need to have something new.  But it can't be too complicated or too technical for your clients to understand.  You also have to deploy risk management to help clients remain invested through choppy market environments.

However, proprietary products are NOT the way to accomplish this.  We've seen far too often how expensive proprietary products have been used in model portfolios to give the impression of lower cost, but are often filled with conflicts of interest and abuses of the fiduciary, best-interest standard that investment advisors are directed to uphold.

We offer time-tested, market-tested models that help clients achieve their long-term goals.  We also incorporate other third-party managers into the mix to allow advisors to create a custom solution for their clients, no matter the need.


There is a better way - an honest way to serve clients well with integrity.

That's the Wealthspan Way.



With less time spent on non-client-facing activities, you're freed up to bring on new clients, serve existing clients well, and play more golf (if that's what you want to do with all the freed up time).

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