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Financial Advisors

For Advisors

If you are an IAR searching for a new place to call home or an RIA interested in outsourcing as much as possible, Wealthspan might be the perfect solution for you. Our aim is to eliminate all non-client-facing activities so that you can allocate more time to gain more clients, provide exceptional service, and reduce your overhead expenses.

How We Serve Advisors

Custom Risk-Managed Models
-No Proprietary Products-

We acknowledge that advisors seek to stand out from other advisors who follow the Modern Portfolio Theory. However, it's crucial to keep things simple for your clients while implementing risk management strategies to help them navigate through turbulent markets.

Using proprietary products to create model portfolios may seem like a cost-effective solution, but it often leads to conflicts of interest and breaches of fiduciary duty. Instead, we recommend using time-tested and market-tested models to help your clients achieve their long-term goals.

Additionally, we offer the option of incorporating third-party managers to create a custom solution for each client.

There is a better, more honest way to serve clients with integrity.

That's the Wealthspan Way



By spending less time on non-client-facing activities, you can focus on bringing in new clients, providing excellent service to current clients, and enjoying more personal free time.

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